About Us

Love Fresh Coconuts? Hate Opening them?

Me too.  That's why I invented the Coco Jack.  A safe, easy way to open Fresh Coconuts, no matter what your size or strength. 


Coco Jack & Scoop are Internationally Patent Pending and Coco Jack comes with a 1 Year/1000 Coconut Guarantee when purchased with our Coco Mallet.

Coco Jack also comes with a specially designed shock absorbing grip, whose material was originally developed to absorb the vibration from motorized lawn mowers!  They will help protect your hand from excess vibrations if you're opening a lot of coconuts at once.  

Besides being rugged and durable, The Coco Jack is also designed with aesthetics in mind.  Every measurement was calculated using the ancient Fibonacci proportions to create a beautiful, balanced, and "harmonious" tool. 

The Coco Jack is a work of art, not just a tool.  Our signature offset thumb hole is the essence of practicality and style: The thumb hole is offset to create a larger striking area in the correct striking position of the Coco Jack, while also creating a shorter distance for the thumb to travel when poking out the coconut crown.  Design, function, and balance, all perfectly laid out.

Our Custom Designed, patent pending, stainless steel  Coco Scoop is designed to get all the meat out of your coconut in one scoop. 




If you've ever tasted a delicious fresh coconut, then you don't need to be convinced.  They're awesome.  And they're healthy.  And they're awesome.  You love them.  We all do.  But sometimes love isn't enough.  Sometimes the dangers and hassles of opening them cause that love to strain and turn sour.  We may grow estranged from our favourite electrolyte-packed coconut treat.  We may have settled for second best - processed, boxed coconut water that doesn't have the same flavour as the real thing.  And what about the meat?  Nope.  That went by the wayside too. . .

Well, happy days are here again.  Now anybody can open a coconut in just a matter of seconds.  Watch our Testimonials video to see people of all different shapes and sizes get into coconuts and talk about just how easy the Coco Jack is to use.

Thanks for checking us out.  We're proud to have invented the first line of coconut tools that really work!  Order yours today, and Get Cracking!